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Lucky Star Taxi

About Us- The LUCKY STAR TAXI business was established in 1990.We have 20 yrs of experience. We try our best to serve you because you deserve it. Our customer service is very friendly and clean. We have the best drivers. Lucky Star Taxi drivers are qualified, Experienced & friendly. We grade drivers according to their demonstrated experience. Our internal training programme is effective in ensuring that we offer a consistent high standard of minicab service.
Alcohol safety and Responsibility
When you have been out drinking, what better way to end the night than to "Just Cab It™" to get home safely!

All of our licensed and trained drivers are courteous and will help you with your luggage and packages. We have GPS equipment in our vehicles to get you to your destination quickly by avoiding accidents and traffic jams.

Need to order a taxi? With just one call, Lucky Star Taxi will instantly send you a Cab,
no online Booking necessary.
So go ahead and hang-up.
We’ll pick you up.
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